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Behind Closed Eyes: Not Quite Home

Months have sped by...
I hadn't had too many good nightmares to post either.

My kiddos have been sick- son with a tummy bug and daughter with a high fever. What does that equal for me? Stress and nightmares.
Last night I woke up a number of times. I'm a very light sleeper, if someone in the house moved a tiny inch in their bed, I was up.
My first nightmare was as follows:
I woke up in my bed to some thumping, the room was dark. It was very lucid. Nothing was out of place, since I had already been waking up at night, I didn't even realize I was dreaming at first. 
Anyway, I walked over and turned on the light. Room lit up brightly. Nothing. Thumping in the hallway. I peer out and husband is at the end of the hallway, pissed, smacks the wall and asks why I keep making so much noise. I'm confused, and I tell him it wasn't me. He quickly softens and apologizes. We hear noises from the bedroom so I come back in and notice the sounds are in the backyard. Again, it all looks so real. I look out into the dim lighting from the neighbors lights since I forgot to turn mine on and there are two chubby teenage boys running around making a lot of noise. I get scared and close the curtain and run over to tell my husband who is still standing in the hallway. He looks angry again and follows me to the window. 
He opens the window to say something when though I tell him not to and that we should just call the police. The two boys look up to the second floor window where were standing and freak out when I see their cut up distorted faces. I'm holding in a scream. My husband pushes the screen away and starts climbing out the window. I try to stop him, but they have managed to climb up the side of the wall and grab him. I'm screaming and I run from the room, phone in hand, dial the police and whisper to them that my husband is being attacked by someone and here's my address and they need to hurry up. I'm shaking in a dark corner....there's noises from the other room...

I wake up.

The scariest part is the room looks the same as in the dream. I feel someone in the room. I lay still, but nothing happens. The feeling eventually fades, my heart rate slows. I'm calm again. I notice my arms are above my head, hands one on top of the other, the way they would be I'd someone was trying g to restrain me...

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