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Modern Beauty Standards: Trends that Shape Our Aesthetic Choices

  Modern beauty standards are like a revolving carousel. They’re always evolving, shifting with the flow of cultural tides, technological advancements, and global conversations around what’s beautiful. They’re not rigid rules — they’re fluid expressions of particular moments in time. In this post, we’re taking a deep dive into these changing ideals. We’ll walk through the evolution of beauty standards, what’s trending right now, and finally — the ways in which we can feel these changes, both personally and societally. Image: Adrienn /Pexels The Evolution of Beauty Standards Beauty standards are constantly in flux. They evolve and adapt, making what was once chic seem like ancient history. So, what drives these changes? Here are a few factors: Cultural Trends : Different eras place value on different things, so it’s only natural that ideals of beauty change to reflect that. Technological Leaps : From the near-silent screen stars of Hollywood’s silent golden age to Instagram filters, tec
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Understanding PTSD Beyond the Battlefield: Navigating Everyday Challenges

In recent years, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder has garnered more attention, especially through dramatized representations in U.S. dramas. Typically, we, as an audience, often see PTSD as a condition that affects war veterans. However, the reality is far more nuanced. PTSD can stem from a myriad of traumatic experiences, affecting individuals from all walks of life. In fact, approximately 13 million Americans had PTSD in 2020 , this is around 5 in every 100 adults.  As it happens, PTSD is a lot more common than we think, and it doesn’t necessarily look like what we’ve seen in film. Experts reckon that one in 11 will be diagnosed with PTSD during their lifetime. So, this isn’t a condition we can afford to ignore anymore. It could affect any of us at any time.  Unsplash - CC0 License Breaking the Stereotype: What is PTSD? Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a complex mental health condition that transcends the confines of stereotypical narratives. While its association with combat t

First Steps Toward A Functioning Online Store

  If you own your own store and you're not selling anything online , you might be looking at now being the right time for you to get online with your store and start setting up payments so that people can conveniently buy from you. It doesn't really matter the kind of product that you are selling, whether it's footwear, fashion, or homewares, you need to make sure that people are able to get on your online store and have it function properly.  Getting your store online isn't an easy feat. There is so much for you to think about from the impact that you will have on those around you to the payment SDK for devs that you need to look into to get your gateway working for your customers. If you have a structurally sound business, you can find the transition to getting online easier than you think. You just need the right support.let's take a look at some of the first steps that you need to take for a functioning online store. Image source: Pexels Choose a website name.

Starting A Side Hustle in 2024

  CC0 Licensed Image Courtesy of Pexels Starting a side hustle is an exciting adventure into doing something you can get real enjoyment from. If successful, it can become a full-time business as you live the dream. But there are some things you need to know about what it requires and how you can support it moving forward. You Will Need to Pay Tax For a while now, side hustles have flown under the radar somewhat when it comes to taxes. But 2024 has brought in some changes that mean all side hustle income must be declared in the US and UK. Even PayPal can report income to tax departments. You may need an EIN number for your business, though. See how to cancel an EIN number before requesting a new one, as the IRS cannot give you a new one if you still owe tax returns or payments on an old one. Time and Dedication is Required A side hustle is a job like any other. Maybe you aren’t held down by strict timekeeping and office rules. But there is a certain amount of dedication it requires to

How Does Your Hair Affect Your Mood?

Being human is a lot of hard work - the slightest thing can put us in a bad mood, and it’s hard to stay positive all the time. If you’re not sure what we mean, just think back over the day you just had - what small things annoyed you and made you just a little less happy than you had been before? There’s bound to be something.  The good news is that although there are many things that can make us irritated and negative, there are also plenty of things that can make us positive - sometimes those things are actually one and the same, and it’s all about perspective. One such thing is your hair - it can affect your mood in all kinds of ways, so let’s see what that means and ensure your hair makes you feel positive more than it makes you feel negative going forward. Read on to find out more.  Photo by Cleyton Ewerton The Right Style The great thing about having hair, for those people who are lucky enough to have it, of course, is that you can do pretty much anything you want with it (althou

How to Take A Holistic Approach to Managing Chronic Illness   Living with a chronic illness is challenging, whether you’ve always dealt with it or you have developed an illness recently that has changed everything about your life. However, while it can be tough, it is not the end of the world as long as you know the best ways to manage your problems to ensure a healthy and happy life.  Yet chronic illness and pain are not always straightforward. Despite many people experiencing similar issues, everyone’s situation is unique. What works for one person may not work for you, and vice versa. Therefore, it’s worth taking a more diverse and holistic approach to managing chronic illness.  Why Explore Multiple Avenues?  Some people learn how to manage their chronic illness immediately. However, others are not so lucky, which is why exploring multiple avenues can benefit them. Besides this, there could be other reasons you should look at the bi