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Counting Kingdom Educational Games for Kids Under 5

So many parents have decided to keep their children home amidst this pandemic over the last year or so. I have always homeschooled my own since they were toddlers, so I know what it is like to do this. I always keep my eyes open to new programs that are beneficial to my children. If I find something that both my kids and I like, I will gladly add it on to their curriculum.
For those of you who are now homeschooling, or even for those of you who are not, but still looking for a fun way to teach your younger elementary aged children?
I personally think it works best for children under the age of 5, but it might still be a good tool for kids of an older age if they are struggling with numbers and counting.

 Have you ever heard of Counting Kingdom? 

My daughter is six years old, but I wanted to try the program out any way to see if she liked it. She loves to try out new games, and since this one is educational, I said, "Yes, please, let's try it out!".

You can enter each child's name after you register and pay for the membership. It actually is a lot more affordable than many other educational programs that I've seen out there. 

The program offers:

-teaches your child the foundations of math
-teaches number recognition 
-teaches how to calculate numbers

-teaches shape recognition
-gives a sequence of commands for your child to follow involving math concepts
-aids with your child's reasoning abilities
-colorful and interactive
-easy to navigate for younger children

-keeps progress report for parents
-entertaining while educational

My daughter did enjoy using it, but it ended up being a bit too simple for her. She needs a bit more of a challenge. However, like I previously stated, she is six, so it makes sense. I do really recommend for a younger age group, as I mentioned earlier. It's totally worth it!

Oh yeah, and by the way they do also have other subjects available that you can also subscribe to.

Check them out here.

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