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Self Care Tips to Do This Summer #guestpost

When it comes to self care, this is something that you should be practicing 365 days a year. In reality, self care gets put on the back burner with many other hustles such as work, relationships and other items in your free time. Now that summer is here, how are you helping yourself to incorporate a better self care routine to make your day run a little bit smoother? Of course, you can schedule a few vacation days to give you a few breaks and enjoy the warm weather, as well as enjoy the outdoors more because of the nice weather too. Below are a few easy self care tips that might improve your mood not only this season but continued into the next.

Clean Your Home: There are some of us that love to clean to help us distress but others loathe it. Honestly , taking just a few minutes to tidy up your home can give you tremendous relief. Look into the rooms of your home that you spend the most time in, aka your kitchen, bedroom, family room and garage. From there, this can help you dial back your anxiety of becoming overwhelmed and start in one room for a few minutes. Organizing, purging and cleaning can help you manage the stress and feel less overwhelmed and taking it one room at a time can assist in that.

Try A New Plan: We all attempt to stay as active as we can. If you already not as active or feeling restless in your routine, it might be time for you to commit to a new plan. Because the morning is often bright, consider meeting up with a friend before you get busy throughout the day and enjoy going on a long walk together. Another idea could be trying something new if exercising isn’t your style, enjoy a new experience such as hard labor like gardening outside. Physical movement and fresh air could be a great game changer for you.

Work On A New Style: We’ve all had the moment where we’ve had our hair done and it instantly improves your mental health and mood. Visiting a hairdresser or barber can help improve your well being and can take us to a happier time. Sometimes it could also give you anxiety because you might be loosing your hair due to stress or genetics. If you are one of those you should look into trying a new procedure that’s being done throughout the United States.  Picasso Scalp Micropigmentation, Austin Texas is a new way to help bring your confidence back to both men and women. Started by an incredible and talented barber, Jeff Villenas, this non-surgical treatment helps those seeking a more full head of hair with little recovery thanks to scalp micropigmentation in the Austin, Texas area.

Splurge On A New Outfit/ Space: With a new outlook on your hair and your home, now could be the time to splurge up your home with a new outfit or new items for your home. Some ideas could be changing out your bedding or donating old clothes to a local charity or church near me. If your budget allows it, treat yourself for a few summer theme items that you feel your best and feel great in. New sandals and shades could be your way of enjoying your new confidence.

Read A New Novel: I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had a stack full of books next to their bedside table and have yet to crack any of them open. With the shades drawn and the cool air coming in, now is the time to enjoy some peace and quiet and enjoy a new book from the comfort of your bed or enjoy outside while your kids play on the swing set. Whatever it is, set a few minutes aside either in the morning or at night.

I hope that all these are helpful self care tips to help you improve your overall well being, mood and feeling your best self from the inside out. Try to do one thing per week or one thing per day to get going.

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