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5 Ways To Decide If You Are Ready To Move #guestpost

 Moving is a long, stressful process, but sometimes (although it is dreaded), it’s a process that you need to go through. If you are not sure if you are ready to tackle a move, or if you do not know if you need to tackle a move, read through this list of ways to decide if you are ready to move. I hope that it helps you figure out if a move is worth your time, money, and effort, or not.

You’re running out of space

Look around your space. Are you slowly running out of space? Books are piling up on the shelves, boxes are piling up in closets and in the attic, and before long, your items are all over your table, in corners, and in other random spaces. If this sounds familiar, then it may be time to move. One of the most obvious tell-tale signs that it’s time to move is when you no longer have room for anything. Maybe you had a baby. Maybe an aging parent is moving in with you. Maybe you need an extra guest room. Or maybe you just can’t turn around without tripping over all your stuff. Whatever the reason, when space is tight, you know it’s time to move to a bigger place.

Alternatively, maybe you have too much space. That is a thing, too. There’s no reason in spending more money on a home that you really aren’t using. If so, it might be time to downsize. Leaving a large home filled with memories can be a hard decision. But remember:  less really is more. By downsizing, decluttering, and moving to a home that better suits your current needs, you’ll be able to spend more time doing what you love and less time cleaning an empty house.

Your commute is killing you

Live far away from work? The process of commuting can be an extremely stressful experience. Sick of fighting traffic for over an hour? Figure out if you can rent or buy a home closer to your work. Over time, the daily grind of getting to and from work may be too much to handle. For this reason, many folks gladly pack their bags for the chance to live closer to work. Not only will moving closer to work grant you more sleep but it could also make you a healthier person. In fact, if commuting to work stresses you out, cutting that part out of your everyday life can dramatically improve your overall mood, stress levels, and happiness, which will in turn, improve your overall health.

Your financial situation changes

Financial changes at home can have a big impact on where you live. For the lucky ones, those who inherit money, receive a raise, or land a higher-paying job, this could mean possessing the financial resources to move to a new, nicer house. For the unlucky ones, those who lose a job or lose money somehow, this could mean having to downsize your home and lifestyle. Either way, this is a really great deciding factor to determine if you are ready (or need to) move or not.

You want more land

More and more people are starting to figure out that more land = more freedom. Raising your own animals and growing your own food is fun and liberating. You know exactly what is going into your body and you save a lot of money by doing this. For those that are looking into land, it’s expensive, but if you are able to afford it and you know that it’s the path for you, then you’re ready to move!

You’re ready!

While there are many other questions that you could ask yourself, or many other reasons that signal the readiness of moving, these are a few really great things to determine if you are ready or not. Once you are ready, make sure to set yourself up for success. Find a great real estate agent, get preapproved for a home, and find reputable movers, such as Our Truck Moving. They have a furniture pick up service that makes it really easy to declutter before you tackle your move, too, and also offer normal moving services such as residential moving, commercial moving, and more. They are experienced movers in Garland, Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, and the surrounding areas. They have amazing customer service, great reviews, and they are ready to make the process easier for you! 

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