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My New Kn95 Mask

Not all masks are the same. How many do you own? I have quite a few different ones, some homemade and others that I bought online or at the store. 
With the Coronavirus pandemic going on, we definitely want to make sure that we have something that is going to work well. Homemade masks might look nice, but do they actually have the ability to shield our germs from exiting the material and spreading to others? 

This disposable mask that I'm about to show you is a new one that I recently was sent to review.  It actually prevents at least 95% filtration efficiency. Yes, I did say disposable, so no, you cannot reuse. Buying a few of these is a good idea, especially if you have to leave the house often.

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It is a Kn95 mask made from a blend of cotton and polypropylene. This material is commonly used for some reusable grocery bags and some blue auto wipes. 

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The material is breathable and soft on the face. It's comfortable, lightweight, and has a metal adjustable nose piece. The nose piece helps secure it better along the top of your face. The mask has a curved design instead of just flat for more breathing room and it hugs underneath your chin.

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There are ear loops that are stitched into the mask as well. They are elastic, and aren't tight on the face. I like that. 

I love the size of the mask and how compact it is. It can be folded up and put in a purse or easily stored in the car. 
They are FDA registered and CE certified. 

Of course, this mask isn't only great for helping reduce our  chance of spreading germs, but it is also good for jobs such as construction, food handling, mining, oil, gas. This particular one is not made for medical use, but is okay for the general public.

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Here is a video that I made, talking more about this mask.

You can purchase a box of these masks here

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