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Get That Hourglass Figure With FeelinGirl's Amazing Shapewear

Hey guys, a couple months ago I mentioned how much I love using a waist trainer when I work out.
I actually wear mine practically every day when I do my early morning Zumba workouts and plan on wearing it as well when I start going to the gym again. 
Have you visited their site yet?

What is a waist trainer?
They're extremely popular these days, but in case you haven't heard of one before, let me explain.
It is a type of garment that you can wear under or over some clothing. It's most commonly worn underneath, on bare skin though. It usually consists of a neoprene, latex, or other compression type of material. There can sometimes be metal or plastic boning along the inside to help shape your body and hold everything in place. Some have hooks, zippers, velcro, or lace. Some have a combination of any of those.
The point of wearing one is to give the appearance of a smaller waist and midsection. Waist trainers are meant to be worn regularly to help give your body a more of an hourglass shape. People usually wear them while working out, or even throughout the day. 
They will not replace a healthy diet and exercise. In fact, when worn in addition to a healthy diet and exercise, they can have a more visible result.
Personally, I can say that I honestly have seen a noticeable effect since starting to wear one months ago. Not only has it made my stomach and sides look flatter, but it also has helped give me more back support and also helps soothe my tummy when I have cramps. I believe that is because of the way it compresses.
I'm not saying it will work the same for every single person, but I do like how they work on me.

Here is a waist trainer from FeelinGirl that really caught my eye

This particular red and black one can be purchased here

This one has 7 steel bones, adjustable sticker straps, and is made of a blend of latex, cotton, and spandex. 

I LOVE the color, design, and style of this one. It is so different from the ones that I'm used to seeing. I like that it not only has a zipper closure, but also an additional velcro belt that wraps around. This one helps compress and stimulate extra heat around the midsection. This increases sweat, helping more toxins come out. There are several sizes available, and an alternative color/pattern.

There is also this Neoprene Waist Trimmer Belt with Zipper

You can purchase this one here

Now, this one is a bit different. It's made from another kind of material, and it is a completely different style. It has adjustable hooks and a zipper. It is seamless so that it provides a smoother look under clothing. You can wear while working out, under work clothing, when going out, under dresses, blouses, gym attire, etc. 
I like how the zipper hides the hooks and adds an extra layer of smoothing compression. 

Not only do they offer waist trainers/trimmers for your tummy, but you can take it a step further and get a thigh and waist trimmer. 
This is what I mean 

You can find this Booty Sculptor Fitness Belt here

I want to own this one so badly. It kind of reminds me of some sort of futuristic android type of outfit. I love that they have several colors and sizes available. These are made to help sculpt the thighs, glutes, and lower waist. Each leg has adjustable velcro straps. I like that because not everyone has the exact same size thighs. This product can also be worn by either men or women. It is latex free, and made from neoprene. It also has a special grid lining to keep it from slipping and moving while you are wearing it. This is perfect if you are running, dancing, or doing a HIIT workout. There is nothing more annoying that something that is bunching up and uncomfortable while you're trying to get a good workout. This should not have that problem at all. 
As an added feature, it also includes arm trimmers!

This next one has full tummy control, along with the thigh trimmers

You can purchase this High Waisted Shapewear here

This one covers the whole tummy and thighs and has adjustable velco straps. It is also made from latex-free neoprene material. It helps reduce water weight and give your butt a more lifted appearance. It increases circulation, increases thermogenic heat, and will not slip or bunch up when worn. Yes, unisex, and available in a variety of sizes and colors. 

You can find so many amazing products on FeelingGirl. Not only will you be able to find waist trainers, waist trimmer belts, thigh and arm trimmers, but you can also find sports bras, leggings, panties, shorts, bodysuits, and other shapewear.
They have really sales and deals, and offer free shipping over $70 if you are in the US. They have some really great reviews from their customers right on their website as well, and do accept a variety of payment types. 
Don't forget to give them a visit!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. 

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