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Blume Why Does Acne Worsen from Pregnancy

Why Does Acne Worsen from Pregnancy?

It’s estimated that about 50% of pregnant women will deal with acne while they’re pregnant. There’s no way to predict which women will be affected, but if you make it through your first trimester without pimples and blackheads, you’re probably going to one of the women who doesn’t have to worry about pregnancy acne.
The main reason pregnant women get acne is due to the increased hormone levels. As your hormones rise, your skin’s oil production rises. This means your skin can get clogged. If you get breakouts right before your period, you may have a higher risk of pregnancy acne. Pregnancy acne usually goes away after your hormone levels return to normal. Talk to your doctor about any drugs you choose to use to treat your acne, but there are many drug-free home treatment methods that can help.

How to Treat Acne During Pregnancy

Many prescription medications for acne and even some over-the-counter medications might not be the best thing for the baby. Instead, you’ll have to try an organic face spray or cleanser. Be gentle on your face, because scrubbing it can make your pores produce even more oil.
Limit face washing to two times a day or after you’ve been sweating. Use a non-abrasive cleanser that is oil-free. Don’t reuse your washcloth to wash your face. Use a fresh one each time. After you wash, rinse your face with lukewarm water. Use a clean towel to pat your face dry. Apply moisturizer and other products. Make sure to use sunscreen for daytime.
During the day, you should be aware of what touches your face. Your hands are covered with bacteria, which can irritate your skin and make acne worse. Use ear buds to keep your phone from touching your face. When the cell phone comes in contact with your skin, you sweat and transfer bacteria to the face. If you use hair products that are oily, try to keep them away from your hairline. Change your pillowcases every two to three days, because your dead skin cells and bacteria end up on the pillowcase and transfer to your clean face the next night.
Don’t pop your pimples. Playing with your face to squeeze or pop your pimples can cause permanent scarring. Leave your face alone and let your pimples heal on their own. If you are really concerned and self-care isn’t helping, talk to your doctor for options that are safe and effective. Find organic products that help you deal with acne and shop for the best organic pads.

Are People Really Looking at Your Pimples?

Yes, it can feel as if everyone is looking at you when you have a blemish. The reality is that most people don’t pay that close attention to your skin, unless you’re in a career where your appearance matters. Your friends and family see you when they look at you, not your acne. When you look in the mirror, you may only see the blemish. Pregnancy acne might be very common, but it does come to an end after nine months with a lovely reward.

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