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The Dermaroller System #dermaroller

I have always had pretty problematic skin my entire life. Once in a while I'll find something that works alright, but it never quite clears up 100%. This is mostly due to old scarring that I got from terrible acne medications that I used for years, when I was younger, not taking care of my skin as well I should have, and my hormones. 
That last one is the hardest for me to deal with, but I'm working on it. 
I eat really healthy, don't smoke, I exercise, and have an entire face washing routine that I follow twice a day, every day. 
Still, I find that my skin still has its issues. 
One thing that I have been using that I can honestly say has made a very noticeable improvement on the worst areas of my face is my Derma Roller.

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What's a Derma Roller?

For those of you that have never heard of one of these. Let me tell you a bit about what they do. 
They are also known as microneedle rollers. Now, don't let the word needle scare you away!
I was a bit nervous at first, thinking about needles being used on my skin, and yes there are several of them. It's truly not as bad as it sounds.
Okay, so, this roller, when used on your skin, helps to stimulate collagen and elastin in your skin, and promotes healthier skin cells. 
It's a super effective and affordable way to treat problematic areas on your skin, (not just your face), such as:

-Acne scars
-Stretch Marks
-Uneven Skin
-Hair loss areas

The process involves the needles to be run across your skin side to side, up and down, and diagonally both ways. It opens up your pores more and triggers your body to naturally heal your skin better. 
It also makes it easier for your skin to absorb creams and serums.
I personally like to use mine with a Vitamin C Serum, as well as a moisturizer. 
Yes, the company does have creams and masks available for purchase as well. The mask that they have available in one of those sheet masks that you just apply to your face, as opposed to one that you have to spread from a jar. 

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My Thoughts After Using This Product

I have been using the smallest of the needles---0.5 mm, but they also have larger sizes for bigger areas on the body, as well as for more severely damaged skin. The sizes range from 0.5- 2.5 mm. 

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It really doesn't hurt, but it can sting a tiny bit at first, if your skin is not used to it. I use it a few times a week, at night. You have to make sure to clean the roller very well after each use, never share with another person, and of course, keep out of reach from your children. 

Usually, you won't see dramatic results until a few months of use, but after using for a week and a half, I have noticed some smoothing and my pores look a little bit smaller than before. That's definitely good progress, in my opinion. 

You can find these products HERE.

Disclaimer: I received these products in exchange for my unbiased review. 

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