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Holiday Specs Are Perfect for The Holidays!

The last few years I have been talking about Holiday Specs and how much fun they are for the whole family. (Read my post from last year here.)
I am so excited to share news about the ones I received this year, as well as introduce their new lines!

Look at all of these cool glasses that you can choose from!

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Wow! Right?

Here are some from their Spooky Specs. They are available in paper and plastic frames. 
These are so awesome! 
When you look towards the lights, (twinkly string lights are my fave), you can see various images. 
So, for instance, the one with the picture of bats on the paper frames makes the lights look like bats, the pumpkin shows you mini pumpkins, and the skull frames show you skulls. 

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Spooky Specs are great for Halloween parties, as well as giving away to the trick or treaters.

Image may contain: sunglasses

The glasses below are called Spec-tickles

These are perfect for all kinds of parties. Use them as photo props, costumes, party favors, and more!

My kiddos got a kick out of these:

Now, those don't show any images, but they do have different lens shades. The unicorns were a bright pink, the head and football were dark like sunglasses, and the beer goggles were an orangey-yellow.

The next ones below are called Eyepops

 They can be used as ornaments or even greeting cards. Heck, you can even use them as gift tags or stocking stuffers! When you put them in front of your face, and gaze at the pretty Christmas lights, you can see magical holiday images too. 

I'm showing you the traditional Holiday Specs last, since they are the ones that I have been using for the past few years.

 I love how many different options there are for those. Every year, my family and friends put a pair on and love looking at all of the decorative lights. 

Here is my daughter modeling a pair of candy cane lenses

Here is my son sporting a pair of snowmen ones

In case you're still curious to see what I mean when I say that the lights will turn into different images, here are a few pics that I took.

Here are regular string lights...

If you were to put on the present frames, this is what the lights would turn into...

I was actually able to get a shot of my kids and some of their friends enjoying their glasses

Image may contain: 4 people, indoor

That last photo was my friend's son's actual reaction when I turned on the lights!
He had no idea about what they would do. Haha!
Everyone LOVED the glasses.

Check out the latest video to learn more about these glasses

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