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#QueenContacts White Mesh Spooky Lens Review

Alright, my favorite time of the year is right around the corner, so I thought it would be fun to get a little spooky...

Look at my creepy new lenses from, you guessed it--- QueenContacts!
(Read my last review on Skinny Hezle Violet lenses)

These are called White Mesh

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I LOOOOVVVEEE the look of these lenses. Yes, I know--they are not for everyday wear. They are just perfect for photos though! I think they would be nice not only for some fun photo ops, but also for special events, that are particularly Halloween themed. 

I don't really recommend these lenses for people who are driving, or walking around much in dim lighting, unless you are only wearing one. I say this because they do cause a bit of vision distortion. 
The best way that I can describe it is that you might feel as though you are looking through a deep fog...

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Details on these lenses

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Boo!!!!! These lenses were just so much fun to play around with, and definitely went well with my sugar skull makeup. I think they would look amazing for any possessed looks, evil clown, fairy, zombie, vampire, demon, you name it!
You could also just make your face look really pretty and put these on for photos too.

Watch my comparison video of all the lenses I reviewed this month:

Any lenses you order come with a free case to store them in. 

Here is my video review

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