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Magefy False Lash Review

Welcome back to my blog, guys! I have a new product to share with you all. 
This one is beauty related.
Do you like false lashes? I have naturally long, curled lashes, but I occasionally like to wear them. I especially like to on days when I just don't feel like wearing mascara. 

Check out this set of 10 from Magefy

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Comes with 5 sets of DIFFERENT lashes, in each box. This pack also includes a pair of steel tweezers which are to be used during application. Why use them?
Well, if you're like myself, and are not a false lash pro, then they can definitely come in handy! I have found that they help me sit the lash onto my real lash a lot easier. 

I have only used a couple of the lashes from the set. What I chose to do was cut them at either end, so that they can fit onto my lashes a bit better, and look more natural. The picture above shows one of the lashes when applied. Pretty lashes right?
I think so! Yes, you can lightly wash them and set them down to air dry. Reuse several times before disposing. 

Here is a video review that I made, including more photos of the lashes when worn. 

Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount in exchange for my unbiased review. 

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