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I Love My #MAANGE Makeup Brush Cleaning Kit

I have more makeup brushes than I can count these days. I love playing around with them and trying to do different things with each brush. The not so fun part is having to clean them.

I was never very good at cleaning them as often as possible, but ever since I started using cleaning mats, special cleaners, and other products that make cleaning brushes easier and less of a pain in the butt, I've gotten so much better.

I have a really nice cleaning kit that I started using a few days ago. It is by #MAANGE, which is a company that makes a ton of really good beauty products, many of which I have had the chance to actually try out. 

This is what my cleaning kit looks like:

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The kit includes:
*Pink cleaning mat
*Metal tin with cleaning sponge
*Brush drying tower

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I LOVE everything in this kit!!
The tower holds up to 26 brushes of various sizes. For regular brushes, you should hang them upside down to dry so you won't ruin the glued part of the handle. Also, you can store other kinds of brushes, including oval shaped brushes. For those, since the wand part is more flat, I stick those into the top of the tower instead of upside down. 
The tower actually comes apart in three pieces and is extremely simple to assemble. I like that it comes apart.

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I had never used one of these metal tins before and was pleasantly surprised with how it works. So, basically, you can use it to clean off dry powder makeup like eye shadow or blush, etc. It's good also, if you only have a couple of brushes and you are switching from one shade to the next. Once the sponge gets too dirty, you can hand wash it and let it air dry.

The cleaning mat has little suction cups on the bottom of it, so what I like to do, as shown in the first picture above, is stick it along the inside of my sink, and add a bit of soap or brush cleanser and scrub my brushes under a bit of running water. The cleaning mat has a variety of textured bumps to thoroughly clean each brush. Then, again, just hand wash the mat and air dry. 

It's a wonderful set. I'm very pleased with it. The entire set can be taken while traveling, which is very convenient. 

Here's my video review:

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Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount in exchange for my unbiased review. 

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