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QueenContacts Skinny Hezle Gray Lens Review

I recently reviewed a pair of brown lenses from Queencontacts and am back with a review on a different pair. 
(Click here to read my review on my Lora MS Brown lenses).

This pair is called Skinny Hezle Gray

They come inside of these little glasses vials. They are a bit different to open, but there are a ton of videos on the internet that will demonstrate just how easy it is. You basically just have to find the little arrow along the side, pop the lid up with your thumb and twist slowly until the metal lid comes off. 

They gray lenses are a dark shade, with a bit of dark speckles along the middle.

Lens in left eye, no lens in right eye. You can definitely see how much of an enlargement they provide!

Here they are both in my eyes. These lenses are some of the most comfortable ones I've ever worn. I can wear them for several hours, without needing to keep on applying drops. I love these lenses. 

Details on these lenses:
  • 14.5 mm diameter
  • base curve is 8.8 mm 
  • free lens case included
  • duration is 12 months

Skinny Hezle Gray in left vs Skinny Hezle Brown in right eye
They are both beautiful lenses!

Here is a quick video of me wearing these lenses:

You can purchase these lenses here. They are available in green, pink, violet, brown, and blue.d
They also have accessories available to buy.

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Disclaimer: I received these lenses in exchange for my unbiased review. 

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