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Have you ever tried cold brew coffee? #asobu

Have you ever tried cold brew coffee before? My first time was a few days ago, and I made it myself in my #asobu Cold Brew Coffee Maker. 

Here's everything that came in the box:

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It’s looks pretty cool, is BPA free, is easy to clean, and the bottom is a reusable stainless steel thermos. It’s really simple to use- simply fill the top filtered part with your ground coffee or loose leaf tea of choice and filtered water, as per directions, replace lid, close the air vent on top, and let it brew for 12-24 hours. Personally, I say the longer it brews the better!

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 Then, the next day you open the air vent and push the button (orange and black circle), and watch your drink pour down into the big thermos. Add ice, non dairy creamer, sweetener, or whatever you normally add into your coffee or tea, and take it with you. Lid is included for your thermos as well. 

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This is shortly after I put the coffee in. It actually was a lot darker the next day after it was all nicely brewed. 

I’m in love with this. I honestly have never liked the taste of coffee as much as I do now. I’m pretty sure it has to do with the fact that this coffee maker creates super smooth coffee. There’s not the same bitterness that you sometimes get with traditional coffee machines. Also, guess what? This coffee maker doesn’t need batteries or any sort of electricity! So awesome.

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This is lavender green tea that has been brewing overnight. I loved it too. I plan on using this coffee maker A LOT. 
It would be great for when I travel. Even cool for camping and overnights. I could just take some ground coffee or tea leaves and bottled water with me. 

I also wanted to add in that although I have not done this, I have heard of people using this for regular hot coffee as well, and it doesn't have to brew overnight. You do everything above when preparing, except you use hot filtered water, and let it brew for 3-5 minutes or longer, instead of overnight. Then, you release it into the thermos below!
I will be trying that next. I just really love the taste of cold brew. 

Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount in exchange for my unbiased review. 

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