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Babi Bear Makeup Brush Set Review

I'm blown away by how many different brushes I've come across for applying makeup. I mean, seriously, back in the day, I just used my bare hands, and occasionally a flat round or triangular sponge to apply things. As for eye shadow, I just used the simple, cheap sponge brush that came with it. 

Today, after watching hundreds, and yes, I really mean hundreds, of makeup tutorials on YouTube, I have learned a lot of really cool tips and tricks. 
I received a new set of 15 synthetic brushes, along with a zippered pouch to store them in, a small pink brush cleaning pad, and a pink beauty blender. 

This set is by Babi Bear

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There are a few big kabuki brushes, foundation brushes, eyeshadow brushes, bronzing and highlighting, eyeliner brush, lip brush, concealer brushes, precision brushes, a fan brush, angled brushes, round and flat brushes. 
I love that a beauty blender is included in the set because I love to use those too! Beauty blenders can be used wet or dry. I like to use mine for foundation sometimes, as well as for when I'm using setting powder. 

The cleaning pad or cleaning egg, as some people call it, since it looks like an egg, is small, yet it's just the perfect size needed to get your brushes super clean. You can stick a couple of your fingers into the bottom of it to hold it in place while cleaning you brushes. It has tiny, fine bumps at the top, followed by lines going across, and all the way down. It is designed this way on purpose. The top is for cleaning smaller brushes, whilst the lower half is for bigger ones.
 You get some cleanser on it, and scrub your brush on it, under running water. Move your brush clockwise, and counter clockwise, moving it up and down the pad. This will ensure that you remove every bit of makeup on your brush, and keep them looking good.
Then, you can wash the egg with some soap and water, and stand it up to air dry.

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They arrived, each in their own separate plastic wrapping, which was great because it kept each brush in tact and not all messy. The blender brush and cleaning pad were also individually wrapped. 
The handle on each brush is rose gold with black wood. The brushes are good quality and have high density bristles, so that you can use less product. Saves you some money, right?

Here is my video review:

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review. 

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