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5 Ways Soccer Stadiums Prepare for Extreme Weather #sponsoredpost

It’s always a disappointment when a storm starts to roll in during an exciting soccer match. However, in that situation, the most important topic on the minds of stadium crew members is the safety of their fans. Here are 5 ways soccer stadiums prepare for extreme weather.

Anticipating the Weather

Many soccer clubs implement commercial weather station equipment to predict the arrival and severity of an oncoming weather event. Whether it’s a hurricane, dangerous levels of humidity, or an ice storm, the clubs are then prepared to make smart decisions about game cancellations or stadium evacuations.

Communicating Important Messages

Keeping spectators abreast of potential weather issues is imperative. It is key to communicate important information on public announcement systems throughout the event. Some recreational facilities broadcast radar maps on stadium screens so that spectators know to take any evacuation warnings seriously.

Hiring More Safety Crew

If a quick evacuation is necessary, it’s important to avoid confusion and pandemonium. By enlisting more safety crew, patrons can be calmly directed toward the correct shelter or exit. Guests with mobility issues can safely reach their destinations with the assistance of a crew member.

Setting Up the Exit

It’s possible to have severe weather that doesn’t impact the game, especially if the match is played indoors. When the game is over, thousands of fans may exit the facility at once. If the ground is icy or muddy, injuries may occur. When stadium staff are prepared for inclement weather, they can make contingency plans, including tarps or road salt, to keep spectators safe as they head home.

Planning for Recovery

Disaster recovery services are imperative to minimize physical and financial damage to a stadium after a storm. Have your wireless and digital systems been taken off-line? Is your data safe? Can the current state of your infrastructure handle another game? Disaster recovery services can keep the business running after a major weather event.

If your stadium needs to beef up its preparation and response to extreme weather, contact the experts at Earth Networks. Their solutions help you make quick decisions in emergency situations and keep your patrons safe. Call them at (877) 882-1397 today.


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