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4 Ways Merchant Account Solutions Makes Paying Easy #sponsoredpost

One of the easiest ways to increase sales is to make the payment process simpler for customers. Merchant Account Solutions strives to improve the customer experience. With several strategies in place, business owners are able to reap the rewards that result from easier transactions.

Credit Card Terminals

When customers breeze through the payment process, businesses are able to process more transactions and make more money. A simple credit card terminal ensures that customers are through the line in a flash. At Merchant Account Solutions, there are several design options that allow business owners to go as minimal as they need.

Point of Sale

Merchant Account Solutions offers several POS options that streamline the customer transaction process. These systems allow for multiple payment options and create a simplified experience for both the employee and the customer. Some options even have functionality beyond transaction processing. The Revel point of sale systems for example, allow for inventory tracking. Each POS choice is optimized for a different operating system, so you’ll choose whichever suits your needs best:
  • Clover
  • SmartSwipe
  • PC America
  • Verifone Ruby
  • Revel 
  • LightSpeed

Wireless Options

For businesses whose employees are constantly moving, mobile payments make it easy for staff to make sales on the spot. Merchant Account Solutions have several wireless credit card readers that accept all forms of credit card payment, including contactless payments. The Clover POS system has a wireless tabletop option and a handheld option. 

Mobile Options

Mobile takes the wireless concept even further. With mobile payments, employees can process transactions using a mobile app. Without the need of a dedicated terminal, sales can be made when an employee has nothing but their phone or tablet. If a business sends its staff out into the community to make sales, this is a huge benefit. 

It can be challenging enough to generate sales as a business, but Merchant Account Solutions makes the process of collecting money simpler once sales are made. Call 866-698-9246 for an instant quote. 


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