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Popular Shades For The Summer #apparelcandy

Here comes summer! Are you ready for it?
I'm not too ready for the heat, but I am definitely ready to hit the pool with my family.
Something that is necessary and very popular once that big bright sun comes out?


 I came across this website that actually offers a massive variety of gorgeous wholesale fashion sunglasses and accessories. It is called Apparel Candy.
So, this is probably something that would work best if you have your own boutique or retail store, whether it be online, or brick and mortar. 

They have sunglasses and even fashion glasses with clear lenses, of all colors, a variety of stylish designs, and they have glasses for men, women, and  children. 

Here is one of my favorite pairs that I saw on their site:

Are't these pink aviators super gorgeous?? I'm in love. Seriously.

Look at these:
Like I said above, they have all different styles- round, vintage, classy, sporty, floral, sparkly, shiny, animal print, square, big, small...

You can order sets that come in multiple colors, so that you can have a nice little variety to sell in your store. This is perfect so that you can have a decent selection for your customers to choose from. 

These are a few really neat ones that are far from boring! I love how different they are! Just look at those hearts.

They even have some really fun and quirky ones  for younger people.

Aren't these just great for parties?? And your customers can buy them in bulk for a group of kiddos! I know I would do something like that for my kids' birthdays or special holidays and events. These are nice as little party favors or even a gift. 

Not only will you find amazing deals on wholesale glasses, but they also have sets of really pretty cases to store those glasses in. Gotta have those in different colors and designs too!

They even have stands for the glasses so that you can have them neatly displayed. These are also available in a few different colors.

 Would you like to learn even more about fashion sunglasses wholesale? Check out their video below:

Oh, and by the way, they have a lot more than just sunglasses that you can stock up on. Their prices are amazingly low for how many pairs and accessories that you can get in a set.
They also offer free shipping on orders over $299. 

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. 

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