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5D DIY Rhinestone Rose Canvas Art #anxietykiller

So, you know how there are those paint by number projects that you can buy at the store?
Well, I've just learned about something really similar, except instead of painting, you stick tiny beads onto a sticky canvas that already has a picture on it. 

It is super cool! Here is what comes in the set.

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The set includes, sticky canvas, several bags of rhinestone beads, tweezers, sticky putty, bead pen, bead tray, and instructions.

Basically, what you do is peel back a side of the paper , (it's easiest to do it this way so that you don't get anything else stuck to the sticky area. Also, make sure not to get this area wet so you won't ruin the visibility of the numbers), and then read the legend along the side of the page.

There are numbers, letters, and symbols that correspond to each bag of beads. You get the right bag of beads, pour into the bead tray, and then dab the pink bead pen into the sticky putty and capture a bead on the tip.
If this all sounds too complicated, no worries, I made a video showing this a little more in detail. 

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This is what the picture looked like when complete!!! Yes, I finished it. It took me about a week to finish this entire thing, but you know what?
It was totally worth it. It is definitely a good way to kill time, relieve stress, soothe your anxiety, and teach you a bit about patience.
I absolutely loved working on it and now it is hanging in my daughter's room. She really liked it.

If you want to make it look even fancier, you can also place this in a wooden or metal frame before mounting it on the wall!

Here is my video:

You can find this product here.

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review. 

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