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32GB Micro SD Card

Nowadays, I take pics on my phone or digital camera and don't want them to take up the limited amount of space on the device. What do I do to solve that issue?
I save them to an SD card. It's basically the modern day CD storage disk. 
Transferring files, whether they are pics, music, videos, written notes, etc, is easier than ever on an SD card. 

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Now, the thing is, some devices only use a tiny micro SD card, such as many cellphones, and in order to get those files transferred to say, a computer, or some tablets, or other devices, you need a micro SD adapter like the one that I'm about to show you. 

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This micro SD card is 32 GB,  slides right into the adapter piece, and the entire thing is shockproof, waterproof, temperature proof, and magnet proof. It's also safe from those pesky x-ray machines that you see at the airport and some businesses. 
There is a tiny button on the side that you can slide up or down. When lifted, your files are safe from being modified or deleted. 

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It also comes with a small case that can hold and protect both the card and adapter, when in use. 

It is compatible with many devices, including, iPhone, Samsung tablets, and most smartphones.  

I made a short video review on the product for you guys

Where to buy: here

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review.

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