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My New Solar Powered LED Flicker Flame Lamp

I have been adding even more to my yard these days. Remember me mentioning that I was trying to fix it up? I talked about how my mom and grandma always kept our front and back yard looking really nice, and so, I want to do the same with mine. 

I have been adding lights for the night time. I was recently sent one of the coolest torch lamps to hang.
It's solar powered too.

Check it out:

I hung it from a plant hanger. You can find those in several stores... Since I didn't have any plants hanging from it, why not, right?

There is a small on/off switch on the bottom of it. 

The solar panel is located on the top, along with a sturdy clamp hook. 
You simply need to hang it somewhere that you know a ton of sun will be hitting it. 
No need for additional wiring of any sort. Just push the button and hang it from a small branch, hook, etc. Leave it out in the sun, and by nightfall it will look like this:

It looks awesome! Not only does it light up, but it also flickers like a real flame!! You can see it in action in the video that I created below:

You can use this lamp to decorate your yard, take it when you're camping, going for a night walk, when you're taking your kids trick or many different uses for it. It's also waterproof!

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review. 

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