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Imilitus Earphones

I sing pretty much everyday. I've been doing it for years, secretly, but ever since I joined this karaoke singing app by Smule, I've been doing it way more often than before. 
The one thing you really need in order to use that app correctly and really enjoy yourself, is a good pair of earphones. I was using some really nice iPhone ones before this, but I had them for years and well, they finally stopped working right.
No matter.

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These Imilitus headphones surprised me with how well they work in comparison. The sound quality, both input and output, surpasses my expectations. You don't expect that sort of thing with too many headphones that aren't super expensive. At least, that's been my experience. 
These have a very strong, durable cord, that is long enough for me to put my phone or tablet quite a distance away from me. I can sit comfortably at a distance and I like that very much.
As for the strength that I mentioned--it can withstand some tugging. Trust me, it has happened to me with my mommy brain more than a few times! I will be listening to something and turn my head to one of the kids, yanking my cord, but the cord is still working fine. 

The ear bud part is interesting because it doesn't need removable ear cushions. Instead, they are a single piece, each labeled, and they just sit lightly inside your ears. I like that. 
They have a control button area on the wire with play/pause, skip song, and volume. You can use them for all your audio needs, be that music, movies, audio books, hands free calls, or like I mentioned in the beginning, for some good ol' karaoke singing. 
These are currently my preferred ones for everyday use. 
They come with a cute little storage pouch, as well as wrap around velcro cord for when storing them. 
I love them. 

Here is a short video review I made:

This product is available on amazon.

Disclaimer: I received these in exchange for my unbiased review.

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