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Nora's Brushes Makeup Brush Set

Makeup lover here! I have a lot of brushes, but they are pretty old. I keep telling myself to go out and buy some more or order some online, but I hadn't gotten around to it. 
The opportunity presented itself recently and I said yes. I'm so happy with my new set of beautiful brushes.
The box says "Nora's Brushes" and "It's Easy To Be Beautiful" on it.
It is the Smooth Collection.

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The box is so big!
Look at all the brushes inside!!!!

Image may contain: makeup and food

Just wow, right?
I was literally grinning like a dummy for about an hour after I opened this box.
Don't laugh at me, ok?
I get really excited about this sort of stuff.

I love that there is a brush for every single different step in my makeup routine.

From biggest to smallest, this is what I use mine for: Powder, setting powder, foundation, blush/contour powder, highlight, contour cream, highlight cream, eye liner powder or cream, eyeshadow crease/corner, eyeshadow inner corner and lid. 

I love the way it applies everything smoothly and is soft on my face. No shedding yet, and no stiffness.

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Also included was a nice little silicone applicator. I have used that for my foundation as well. 
I love these brushes because they are easier to hold in my hand and apply, than a regular brush. These are super flat, not fluffy. 
They can be cleaned the same way as regular brushes.
I like the silicone applicator because it makes liquid and cream makeup go on more flawlessly, and it is way easier to clean than a sponge. 

Here's an unboxing video I made:

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review. 

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