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No More Messy Wires With my #Tokye Cable Management Kit

Alright, I finally mounted my television in my bedroom, but I could not stand the way all of the wires looked hanging down on the wall. It was sloppy and annoying, just really disorganized. So not my style. 
It just so happens that there was a really cool cable management kit sent to me to review, and it took care of my messy problem. 
You'd be surprised to see just how many wires are really hanging down in that black sleeve there!

The neat about that long black sleeve, is that if you have a white theme in your house, or just prefer white over black, it can be flipped over! I prefer black in my room, as you can see. It can also be cut down to size, to match the length of your cords. It closes securely with velcro. It can be used horizontally and vertically. 
Both that sleeve and that big black box to the left were part of the kit. Let me show how that magical box works.

You can place a whole power strip inside of that box! Takes care of that messy show too! Love that. It's big and vented on each side.

A few more extras that were included in this awesome kit:

It came with four white wire dividers and a bonus pack of multicolored cable ties for all your organization needs!

You can stick one of these white dividers on a desk, wall, on your monitor like I did, etc. It has a peel off sticky adhesive on the bottom to hold it in place. I used it on my computer to divide the keyboard, my phone cord, and mouse wire. Keeps them from tangling up, you know? It just looks better too.

I also made this video review to give a better idea of what these products are like and how I am using them in my room

You can get this kit on Amazon.

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Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review.  

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