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I have always been more of a tea drinker than coffee. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy coffee from time to time, but I prefer tea. 

I love it hot or cold. I am always willing to try new flavors too.

I only recently heard about Zhena Tea and was shocked at how many amazing flavors that they have available. 

They sent me this very nice assortment to try out

Incredible box, right?? I was so ecstatic. I've only tried a few, but I will definitely be trying 
them all very soon!

Here are some of their seasonal flavors:

These are both tins filled with tea bags. Pumpkin Spice one made my kitchen smell so good while it was brewing yesterday morning. I decided to add in some plain soy milk, no sugar. It is caffeine-free Rooibos tea blend of ginger, vanilla, and cinnamon. 

On the right is one their stackable tins. Each tin comes with 4 tea sachets inside. 

The flavors are

Peppermint Mocha: Rooibos tea, peppermint,cinnamon, cocoa, and nutmeg. Caffeine-free

Gingerbread Chai: Rooibos tea, ginger root, cinnamon, chicory, licorice root, nutmeg. Caffeine-free

Sugar Cookie: Black tea, cinnamon, ginger root, licorice root, cardamom, black pepper, cloves, nutmeg. Moderate caffeine

English Toffee: Rooibos tea, cocoa, licorice root. Caffeine-free (I tried this one and it was really good!)

Ambrosia Plum White Tea (ingredients are shown in pic). This one is low in caffeine. It smells and tastes delicious, with or without sweetener.

They have so many great Coconut infused teas:

Coconut Chai Green Tea is low in caffeine.

Coconut Chai Black Tea has moderate caffeine.

Both are filled with antioxidants. On the back of each it says that they have ginger which aids digestion and cinnamon for warming and balancing. 

More coconut infused teas:

Coconut Matcha has moderate caffeine. On the back it says that coconut promotes decreased startle response and helps with stress. I love matcha tea!!

Coconut Pineapple Iced Tea is caffeine free. Although it says iced tea on it, you can enjoy it hot as well. 

In fact, all of the teas can be steeped and can be enjoyed hot or cold. 

Coconut Rum Tropical Green Tea is imbued with island rum, low in caffeine, and naturally sweetened with stevia. That sounds amazing, I know.

They also carry loose leaf teas in these beautiful glass jars, and a spoon is included too:

I'm actually drinking some Lavender Lemonade Gourmet Red Tea right now! Yum. It is a blend of Rooibos tea, lemon myrtle, lavender flower, and honeybush. 

Fig & Flower Gourmet Green Tea is a blend of green tea, apple, cornflower, and natural flavor. It is low in caffeine. 

All you need to brew these particular teas is a tea infuser.

Here's the great news for you guys!!!

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary assortment of teas from Zhena's Tea. 

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