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My New Automatic Pet Feeder

Alright, so we added a new member to our family a few months ago. She is a beautiful little tuxedo cat named Harley Quinn. 

She has such a personality. OMG. Having her in the house is like having three kids now. My son, daughter, and her are always running wild together.

She loves to spend a lot of time with us, so much, that when it's bedtime for us, she will follow right along with us upstairs and go lay on the bed to sleep as well.

She also likes to be fed as soon as we get up in the morning. I'll be honest. Sometimes I'm not moving as fast as she would like so she will get upset and start acting a little wild.

Yes, some animals do get that way. She will knock my stuff over and walk all over me if I don't get up right away.

So, I thought that this automatic pet feeder might be worth a shot. 

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This is the cute picture on one side of the box.

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Here is everything that comes inside of the box:
--base with programmable LCD screen
--the blue part is what holds up to 5L of food!
--ac adapter
--instruction manual

It is BPA free too. I love that so much.

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Some great things about this pet feeder are that you can set the clock and then set 1-3 feedings. You can also set the portion size. Lastly, now this is entirely optional, you can also record your own message for your pet to hear every time that the feeder goes off.
Sounds like a neat idea right?
Okay, well I like the idea. However, I personally think it's a bit louder than I would prefer and there is some staticy feedback that will not go away when I record, no matter what.
I prefer to use it without the recording. I actually forgot about it the first day I had turned it on and let me tell you---it scared the heck out of me because it was so loud and I didn't expect it. It also plays the message three times in a row.
I could see how this feature might be good if you are going to be gone for a day or two and your pet might like to hear your voice.

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My cat has already figured out that this will feed her on its own. Whenever it goes off, the sound of food being dispersed into the bowl is enough to make her run over to it and start eating. I'm happy that she seems content with it.

I also like that you can use either 3 D batteries to power it or the ac adapter. Nice to have two different options, especially if you put it in a place where there is no outlet to plug it into.

This is a good product, despite the loud recording. It does exactly what I need it to do. My cat has never been left alone for more than a few hours, but if we ever have to go away for a little bit longer, I'm glad that she will still be fed when she needs to be fed.

I created an unboxing video on YouTube:

This product can be found on Amazon.

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review. 

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