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Minikiki Phone Ring Holder Set

I use my phone a lot during the day, for doing reviews, surfing the internet, reading recipes, watching tutorials, and even video chatting. 

I was recently sent a small phone holder with a metal ring that can be stuck onto the back of my phone. 

You can stand your phone vertically by turning the ring one way. 

 It can stand horizontally by turning the ring slightly more.
You can also slip the ring onto your finger while holding the phone to give you a better grip on it.

It also came with a little base piece so that I can attach that part to the dashboard of my car for GPS, seeing who's calling, etc. That little plastic piece can also be attached to a desk, table, fridge, wall, side of a computer tower, or wherever I want to hang my phone. The adhesive works so well and will not budge. My phone actually stays in place. 
 If you really have to remove the base piece, then you can always buy more 3M adhesive stickers at a craft store or Walmart, stick that on the back and reuse. 

This pack comes with two ring holders, two base pieces, and also a lanyard that attaches to your phone with a small, thin rope loop. 

That loop can detach from the lanyard with the push of a button. 
Overall, the products are all very nice, sturdy, and something I could see myself using often.

Here is a short video review on these products:

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You can buy this set on Amazon.

Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount in exchange for my unbiased review.

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