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Holidays with #Hive Smart Devices in My Home

How did I ever live without my awesome #hive products? I'm serious! 

So, I've had the Hive active thermostat, the door/window sensors, the plug, and the smart bulbs for a few months now and I love everything about them. 

I've mentioned them before, but here's a recap in case you missed it.

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This is the hub. It's small, easy to connect and it fits right next to my router, modem, and cable box. It's what keeps all of my smart devices communicating with one another. 

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This is my futuristic looking thermostat. I've never had such a cool looking one. It is touch screen, which is beyond awesome, and you turn the knob to change the temperature and to cycle through certain functions in the menu.
It can be set on a schedule so that you have it on and off, hot or cold, at certain times throughout the week.
How has it helped me in my life lately?

Let me tell you a quick little story. 

A few weeks ago I was away from home with my husband and kiddos while the in-laws stayed in the house for the holidays. They could not figure out how to use the new thermostat, (and there was going to be a cold front during the time we were gone). They were freaking out a little, so believe me, we were all pretty excited that all I had to do was control the temperature from the app on my phone even though I was several miles away!!! I made sure they stayed warm and cozy in my home! Everyone was happy. If they got too warm, they were able to just let me know and I could adjust it for them from where I was. I could never do that without my Hive products.

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I have two of these smart bulbs in my house. I have one in the front room of my house and one upstairs in my bedroom. The lights are great because I can dim them or change the color tone. I can also have those set so they turn on and off at a certain time or at the push of a button. Works great for security reasons when we're gone as well. 

What I really love about having one in my upstairs bedroom is the fact that while I do have a baby monitor camera for when my daughter sleeps, I can do so much more now. When I see that she has woken up in the middle of the night, I can now turn on my lamp near her bed, all from downstairs. 
Trust me. It's a lifesaver.

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As for the plug, I will be plugging in my Christmas lights on the Christmas tree and set a timer so they are only on for a certain amount of time each night, and won't run up my bill.
I did use it for Thanksgiving with my slow cooker, since I had to run out of the house for a bit. I was able to set it to turn off at a certain time. The food in the slow cooker came out perfect by the time everyone arrived. 
It's so great that you can set a schedule through the app so that they turn on and turn off at the times I choose.

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I also love that I get alerts whenever my front and back door are opened and closed too. That's great for whenever I'm home because of the kids or when I'm away. I like to know when and if anyone is coming in or out of my house. 

There are actually quite a few other smart products available from Hive available that I have not tried yet, and they are also able to be controlled via the free Hive app on your phone, tablet, or computer. 
Check out this link for more info on all of their products

Connect with Hive


Disclaimer: Hive sent me these products complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review.

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