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Full Sized Magnetic Lashes

Let's talk eyelashes, okay?
I know I posted up a few videos on my YouTube channel, but not sure if I've really talked about them on here.
I am in love with the concept of magnetic lashes.


Well, first off, when compared to glue-on lashes, they are entirely mess free. I don't have to worry about getting lash glue into my eyes or in my contact lenses, on my face, or clothes. No irritation or frustration. 
I mean, come on, it really shouldn't take all day to get those on right. Right? Although, I'm sure there are some glue lash pros out there. I've seen videos. 
I am not one of those people. 
I do love the way falsies look on several people, so I also wouldn't mind wearing them from time to time. I want them to be as easy as possible though. 
Magnetic lashes like these that are full length do take a bit of practice to learn how to put on, but once you get the hang of it, it's not a pain. 
They look really dramatic too and I love full, dramatic lashes. 

These particular ones do have two magnets on each lash. There are a total of four lashes--two for each eye. One sits on top of your lash and one sits right underneath your real lash. I find it easiest to curl my real lashes, apply a very light coat of mascara, lightly bend the magnetic lash in a u-shape (optional), and sit it on top. Make sure to line it up as closely as you can to your real eyelash line. Then, slowly lift the matching lash and line up the magnets. Yes, it may take a few tries, but practice makes perfect. 

You can store them inside of the nice little magnetic compact that they come in. They are definitely reusable, but you should try to store them every time you are done using them, and keep them as clean as possible. By doing that, they should last you a long time. No need to keep buying them over and over, like I had to do with the kind that you glue on. Saves you some money for sure. 

I really like them a lot.

They are available for purchase here.

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review. 

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