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Storage Solutions with This Velcro #StorageNet from INNX

I own a lot of stuff. I do. Always have. Now that I have two kids and I husband, we own a lot more stuff. This is why I'm happy to find products that can provide some extra storage, whether it be in our home or even our vehicle. 

These storage nets can be used both ways!

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These nets will adhere to most carpet-like material in your car, van, or SUV. You can stick it on the back of the seats or wherever that material is. 

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They attach with the velcro along the sides. No carpet-like material in your vehicle? No problem. You can always purchase really cheap velcro strips at a craft store and attach those to your car first. 
Or you can do what I did.

They didn't stick too well in my mother's van so I decided to use them in my own home. They hold just fine on the side of one of my couch covers in my living room! 

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If they are in your car, well, you can store so many different things in them. You can fit glasses, toys, snacks, books, a tablet, your phone, pampers, baby wipes, car cleaning tools....
In the house, you can store all that, or maybe if you stick it along side the couch or a chair, you can stash some magazines, remotes, etc...

They are a decent size and can hold quite a bit of weight without falling off. I like that. 
I've included a video of these nets just for you guys:

This product is available for purchase on Amazon.

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review. 

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