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October Book Set

What came in my latest box of books from

Morrigan's Cross by Nora Roberts and The Blue Line by Ingrid Bentancourt. 

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Morrigan's Cross


This book is book 1 of the Circle Trilogy. 

In the last days of high summer, with lightning striking blue in a black sky, the sorcerer stood on a high cliff overlooking the raging sea…        

Belting out his grief into the storm, Hoyt Mac Cionaoith rails against the evil that has torn his twin brother from their family’s embrace. Her name is Lilith. Existing for over a thousand years, she has lured countless men to an immortal doom with her soul-stealing kiss. But now, this woman known as vampire will stop at nothing until she rules this world—and those beyond it…

Hoyt is no match for the dark siren. But his powers come from the goddess Morrigan, and it is through her that he will get his chance at vengeance. At Morrigan’s charge, he must gather five others to form a ring of power strong enough to overcome Lilith. A circle of six: himself, the witch, the warrior, the scholar, the one of many forms, and the one he’s lost. And it is in this circle, hundreds of years in the future, where Hoyt will learn how strong his spirit—and his heart—have become…

I've heard of Nora Roberts before, of course,but this is the first I'm going to read by her. I'm a big fan of vampires and witches, as most of you know.

The Blue Line


Buenos Aires, the 1970s. Julia is fifteen. She inherits from her grandmother a gift, precious and burdensome. Sometimes visions appear before her eyes, mysterious and terrible apparitions from the future, seen from the perspective of others. From the age of five, Julia must intervene to prevent horrific events' In fact, as her grandmother tells her, it is her duty to do so--a duty that comes along with her gift.
Under the martial law of a military dictatorship, Julia falls in love with Theo, a handsome revolutionary four years her senior. Like him, she joins the Montoneros, a movement of students in arms, radical idealists, equally fascinated by Jesus Christ and Che Guevara. their triump, with the return of former president Juan Peron as head of a democratic government, doesn't last long. their lives are turned upside down when the military succeeds in reestablishing another dictatorship. captured by death squadrons, they are kidnapped and tortured. Thanks to Julia's unusual gift, they manage to escape...

Hmmm....sounds like there is a lot going on in this book. Although I do like the idea of visions, I'm not too sure how much I'll enjoy this book. Honestly, I can't judge the book until I start reading it though, right?

I am definitely looking forward to next month's books arriving in the mail...

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