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Making My Life Easier With My #HiveActivePlug #letsgetliving #ad

Raise your hand ladies and gentlemen if you've ever forgotten to unplug something and you've already left the house.
Yeah, you know who you are!
I'm not judging, okay? I've been there. I've a very busy mommy of two. I can forget things like that from time to time. Then, guess what? I've ended up having to drive all the way back home to unplug things like my flat iron...

Oh, not fun. Especially when we're on a schedule and trying to get somewhere on time. 
Such a pain.

So, what have I learned? First off, double check all of the electronics before leaving home. Also, though, to make things even more simple, I've been using my #Hive Active Plug.

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I've mentioned my Hive products before. This is one of my favorites because it has been used in so many different ways. No, not just for your flat iron or regular iron.

You can use it for your slow cooker or crock pot. I've done this because although they can cook all day safely, sometimes I'm gone just a bit too long and need to turn it off before my food burns. I use the Hive app and turn it off from wherever I'm at! Yup, BEFORE I even get home. 
Decorating for the holidays? This plug can definitely come in handy during that time too. Plug your string of lights into it and then set a schedule (YES you can do that too!). You can set the lights to turn off or on at a certain time, set it for certain days, or even set the lights to turn off or on when a door or window, with the Hive sensor attached, is opened or closed. 

These are some pictures of what the app looks like on my phone, to give you an idea.
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This is what is shown when you turn the Active Plug off on the app
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This is what it looks like when you turn the Active Plug on
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This is what it looks like when you are setting a schedule

It's very user friendly. and super useful in my own household.  You can also turn it off or on by pushing the circle button on the top, when you're at home. 

I made a short video review for you guys, below

Click this link to visit their website and learn more about their products.

Connect with Hive

Disclaimer: Hive sent me these products complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review.


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