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#LetsGetLiving #ad My Light Turns On When I Open My Door #Hive

I finally have all of my Hive products installed! I just wanted to show you all how the sensors and the Hive Active light can be programmed to work together. I have a sensor on the front door, and have it set so that I receive an alert when someone opens or shuts the door. I have it connected to the special light so that the light also turns on when the door opens. I love that because the light automatically turns on when we walk in. 
I think it's great that you can set it so the light stays on for 30 secs or more, even can be set to stay on indefinitely. I can turn it off or on from the free Hive app on my phone, tablet, or computer. You can dim it, or even tune it from white light to warm light. I have the other Hive active light in my room. That works perfect in there because I can turn on a light when I'm downstairs if my toddler wakes up.

Overall, the whole Hive system is just what I needed in my home! Added convenience and extra security. I will be making another video of the other installed products soon.

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Hive sent me these products complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review.

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