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I Love My #BeautyForever Synthetic Wig

I have gone back to wearing a lot of wigs these days. Why, you ask?
I'm trying to let my natural hair grow out. You see, I tend to mess with my real hair a bit too much when it's down, with dyeing it and cutting it and applying heat to it. It's healthy, but if I keep messing with it too much, it won't grow so fast, especially if I keep cutting it!
Quick solution for me is to wear a wig. And a pretty wig at that.

Have you ever worn a good wig? Now, I'm not talking about those cheap Halloween wigs that you can buy at Walmart. I'm not talking about those wigs that you can tell are fake and they get tangled up right away. Those can be so annoying and itchy. OMG. No.

My newest wig is from Beauty Forever and although it is synthetic and not human hair, I'm very pleased with it.

It has a body wave and is very curled when you first get it. To loosen it up and make it a bit more realistic, I finger comb it and give it a light brushing before I wear it.
To wash, I use a light sulfate shampoo, rinse, and then hang to air dry. The waves bounce right back into place once it's all dry. 

There are no combs underneath it to hold it in place. However, there are two adjustable straps underneath to size it to your head. If you prefer combs, you can always purchase some of those at a beauty supply store and sew them in yourself. 
Although it does not have combs, I have not had any problems with it slipping and I wear it sometimes for several hours a day.

There is a visible hairline on top to make it look a bit more realistic. If that bothers you, you can always part the hair differently and pin it down till it is used to staying that way.
As for styling, even though it says you can use light heat, I honestly prefer not to use heat on my synthetic wigs so that they will last a long time. You can pull this  hair back into a pony tail, wear it to the side, up, down, in pigtails...
I think that it is such a good quality wig for the price that it sells for. It looks pretty real to many people, it's lightweight, and hasn't caused any itching or irritation. 

I made a quick video review of this wig for you guys


Disclaimer: I received this wig at a discount in exchange for my unbiased review. 

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