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Hot Pink Senegalese Twists Synthetic Hair Extensions #Kisspat

In one of my latest posts, as you guys can recall, I talked about my love for wigs and extensions.
They are just so much fun. 
I was sent some beautiful hot pink and black Senegalese Twists synthetic extensions from Kisspat.
Check them out! Aren't they pretty?
Twenty came in the pack. There are also a few other colors available. I would seriously love to get every color they have and put them all together in my hair. You know, like a rainbow effect? I think that would be so cool!
In the pics above, I wanted to show you guys that I installed them in one of my human hair wigs, since my natural hair is a lot shorter than these extensions. I used some tiny rubber bands so they are easy to remove. You could also have them sewn in, braided in, crochet them in, or use some sort of pins and clips to put them in. I plan on eventually having them braided in when I re-install my dreadlocks.

I've tried some of their hair chalk as well as other extensions in the past. I've seen pictures of some of their other products, like their wigs and jewelry. Every time I see or hear the name Kisspat, images of bright, bold colors pop into my head.

I just had to include these next two pictures. My toddler loves to wear my wigs too.T

Image may contain: 2 people
They look good, even on her! Haha. She looks so adorable. She seriously did not want to take the wig off. She loved the pink in it.
It's definitely very bright!
Anyway, my final thoughts on these extensions?
I think they are very good quality, especially for the price that they sell for, and the fact that they are synthetic.
They are great for adding in some extra flair to your hair. They can be worn for parties, for going out, for costume wear, or for everyday. I'm the type that would wear these on any day, really.
So much fun.

I decided to include my video review that I made on YouTube as well.

Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount in exchange for my unbiased review.

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