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Things My Grandma Told Me: Yard Sales

I LOVE yard sales, thrift stores, and flea markets. thanks to my mom and grandma.
My grandma used to love to get us up super early on the weekends to hit up all of the yard sales in the neighborhood. 
She could also haggle prices and get the best deals, like a pro. She knew just what to say to people to get them to lower their prices or even give things away for free! I'm serious.

She had a lot of friends that worked at flea markets around town. We went practically every week and had the best time. Her favorite flea market even had a little bar with live music in it that she would take us too. It wasn't such a big deal back then to take your kiddos to the bar with you...

We would go listen to music, my sister and I would sometimes dance on the stage when it was dead, and yes, we were allowed to.
My grandma and mom would buy us some pumpkin bread and we'd shop around. 
Best time ever.

To this day, I am obsessed with going to these places. If we drive past a yard sale, and it looks decent, you better believe I'm stopping. Oh, and thrift stores and flea markets are a regular thing for my little family as well.
Wish I had her haggling skills though. 

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