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Things My Grandma Told Me: School Presentation

I remember this one time we invited my grandmother to my school for a presentation by my class. We had our parents and grandparents in there to listen to us each tell a story, or something like that.
Well, my grandma had never been to one, and really wanted to come.
I was so excited because I absolutely loved her.

So, everything was going smoothly, I got up there and did my thing, a few other students had their turns. This boy goes up to the podium.
Then, my grandma blurts out something about the little boy eating too many tortillas! You see, my grandma loved to crack jokes, and yes, they were usually pretty funny, but they were often said at the wrong time. 
A ton of people, including his family, started laughing and the poor kid's cheeks became so red and he laughed too, but he truly looked embarrassed. Hell, I felt embarrassed too, because I'm sure the joke was a bit hurtful, being that he was a chubby kid. 

Then, she kept mumbling little jokes here and there. My teacher laughed a little bit as well. That sure didn't help, you know?
No one got upset. She just had her way with people sometimes...

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