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Things My Grandma Told Me: Presents

My grandma was the type of person who didn't like to wait to open gifts. If you gave her a gift early, for instance, for Christmas, she refused to wait till the day of. She was eager, like a little kid, and would rip right through the wrapping paper. 
Also, my grandma would always tell you right away if it was something she actually wanted or liked.

Okay, well, she was usually a little easier on us kids, but...

I remember making her something in school. It was so long ago. It was a card that I made in class. 
She smiled and thanked me for it and I was so relieved that she liked it.

The next day, I caught her throwing it in the trash!
When I asked her about it, she told me, she no longer needed it, which was why she was tossing it. 
It hurt my feelings a bit, but I didn't cry, and I told myself that next time I'd just have to get her something better.

As I got older, I learned that for gifts, she sure loved fresh flowers, porcelain dolls, jewelry,...and alcohol.
Get her a bottle of Jack Daniels and she'd be smiling for days.
(I know this because I gave her one when I was in college.)

She was pretty generous herself, with gift giving, though. 

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