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Things My Grandma Told Me: Mexican Dresses and Ponytails

When my sister and I were younger, there was a period in which our mother was sick and had to be in the hospital for a while.
My grandmother took care of us while she was in there.

Now, we had several drawers, as well as a closet full of outfits to wear during those days, but for some reason, my grandma kept dressing us up in these little Mexican dresses and she didn't really do much to our hair, other than pull it straight up and add a rubber band. Our hair is extremely kinky spiral curly, so yeah it was a bit painful. We sported that look every single day until our mom was released from the hospital. It's actually kind of funny every time that I think about it.

I also remember that during those days we mostly ate soft corn tortillas and beans. There may have been some avocado and homemade salsa involved, as I remember those were two things that were always in our kitchen.

Fun times with Grandma...

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