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Shiny Leaf Dead Sea Mud Masks are Great #shinyleaf

Dead Sea facial products have been pretty popular for a while now, haven't they? Have you tried any yet? This particular mask that I"m going to show you guys can be used on multiple areas on the body, as well as on your hair. The best things about this mask is that it has organic ingredients, is free from parabens, and is cruelty-free. Oh yes, dream product for me. 
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You don't have to spread it on too thickly and it will still work just fine. There is an included spatula for mixing before you apply. I like that. With my others I always just used a plastic butter knife. Haha.

My nightly routine consists of me removing all makeup and washing my face well. Then I apply this mask. 
You can feel it working after a few minutes, as your skin begins to tighten. Remember, you can use it on multiple areas of the body. I'd like to try a bit of this stuff in a diy tummy wrap. (Will let you guys know if I do!)

You leave it on for about 25-30 mins, and then rinse off. I find it easiest to use a small face cloth with warm water. My face feels very nice to the touch afterward. I plan on using it everyday until it's gone because it feels amazing.

Interested in getting your hands on a jar of this stuff too?

#shinyleaf #deadseamudmask

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review. 

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