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Behind Closed Eyes: Kiss

This is from a few months ago

I'm really starting to freak out with these "dreams" I'm having these days. I put it in quotation marks because these are more lucid than ever. I've never been the type to confuse a dream with reality, but these days...
Before I mention the dream, let me start by saying, I have always believed in ghosts and other paranormal things. I've seen and heard one too many things in my life to be a skeptic.
Yesterday my daughter and I were sitting on the living room floor playing, when a spatula in the kitchen fell onto the floor. Now I know that sounds like no big deal. The thing is- I had placed it on a level surface. It really shouldn't have fallen the way it did, but, it did. The baby and I jumped when it happened because it was so out of place.

Then I went and cleaned up the mess. Shortly after that we heard some papers being thrown off the counter, but I could not find them. It was hit a loud sound of rustling papers. So weird.
Last night when my daughter and I were laying down together, I had this uneasy feeling that someone was in the room behind me. I looked back and nothing.
I was so tired though and I ended up falling asleep a few minutes after that.
OK, so here is the dream. All of that up there really happened.
I had a dream that I was laying in bed and a man/reptilian/demon or some malevolent being pinned me down on the bed. He kissed me and shoved his tongue in my mouth. It was awful. I could not even really struggle. He was so strong. The dream was so frightening, it woke me up. I could not open my eyes, I was still pinned down and I could still fell his grip and his tongue in my mouth. I started to think it was my husband and perhaps that's why I had dreamt it? Then it was over. No one was in the room. I could open my eyes.
It was so bad. I was badly freaked out. I grabbed the baby and woke my husband up. He had fallen asleep in the other room, so it couldn't have been him at all.
What's going on???

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