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Behind Closed Eyes- Abduction

This is actually from a while ago. I kept forgetting to post it, but here it is:

Slept, had a nightmare of a woman with no eyes in sockets watching me.

So then, I woke up at 3 am, couldn’t sleep, so I put on chakra binaural beats. Could feel it working very well. Never felt my base chakra open like that. Helped soothe me dramatically until I fell asleep.
I was in a barn with some people. There was a big field. I was drawn to it. I told one of the people to come with me. The sky had strange clouds. We were pulled up into the sky slowly. I could feel it all. I felt like I was awake and it was very real.  I was in a room with greys (aliens). I was kind of scared, but I think they calmed me. I was hovering and nude. They turned me over. It was kind of like a hospital set up. Big eyes, peach beige skin, very skinny fingers and nails. I think they poked me with  something. I can’t remember where. The grey was trying to comfort me. Spoke telepathically. I was told I’d eventually come home? But this would happen regularly. I could feel everything. There was very minimal pain, mainly a little discomfort. 
They were testing different parts of me.

It didn’t feel like a dream. I was too aware. I think they wanted me to believe I was dreaming because suddenly it was like a dream again. I was in a room. Recognized a couple of faces. We were all nude and laying on what appeared to be hospital beds. We were allowed to talk to one another. A girl from highschool was there. She said this had been happening for awhile. She said they would accommodate us in any way as long as we allowed the testing. They let us shower. They fed us strange foods. 
The beginning did not feel the same as this part where I was clearly dreaming. 

I woke up Feeling a weird calm and a smile. My head feels funny. My right ear is a little sore. I still remember everything. The binaural beats were still playing. 
Did it really happen? 
Is this going to be a regular thing? 

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