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Things My Grandma Told Me: Trust No One

I came home from school one day, so happy that I had made a new friend that day. I was in elementary. I think I was about 6 years old.
Anyway, I came home talking about all of the fun things that my friend and I had done in school, and what she was like, and how I couldn't wait to play with her again, and you know what my grandma said?
She laughed slightly and said, "Mija, you don't have any friends. Nobody  is your friend. Remember that, okay? You can't trust no one. Those people that say they are your friends and going to eventually turn on you or hurt you. You'll see." and then she walked out of the room. Just like that.

Well, that sure popped my happy balloon. Ha. I was 6, okay? I didn't completely understand the truth behind what she was saying at that time, but I do know, it made me sad. I couldn't understand why my new friend wasn't really my friend. And she said trust no one. No one, guys. No one.

Well, she was right in a way. Now, I wouldn't say, trust no one, but I do agree that there are a ton of people I did meet over the years who I considered friends, but they ended screwing me over in one way or another.

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