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Things My Grandma Told Me Series 1

My grandmother passed away a few months ago.
I was basically raised by her and my mother, who was a single parent.
When we didn't live with her, we always lived somewhere near her.

My grandma wasn't like a ton of other grandmas that I've met. Seriously.
She had this amazing sense of humor, and was forever trying to make people laugh. She also was very charismatic and could make friends everywhere she went.
However, she also had a darker side to her, that came out every now and then.
My grandma had the ability to tell you hello, put you down, make you cry, and then having you laughing again all in one breath.
And her words sometimes scarred you.

Nevertheless, as the say, sometimes the truth hurts. That is one thing I loved about her. She was always blunt with you, and told you how it was. She didn't spare your feelings. She told you how she really felt, no matter where you were, or who was there.

I thought I'd include this on my blog because I'm constantly being reminded of things she used to say and do as I was growing up. I'll try and post about it often.
Each post will start off with something that she said, and continue with the story behind it or something else related to it. A lot of it is pretty entertaining...

The things that she said will be posted in no chronological order, but skipped from one time to some random time, and so on.

Hope you enjoy. Oh, and by the way, yes, some of it may seem a bit inappropriate at times, but I want you guys to know exactly how and what she said.

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