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I have two children and a messy husband. What does that mean??
Well, it's obviously a good idea to have some sort of couch covers in the house. We have four couches...don't ask, but we do. I have one couch cover, and had three blankets covering the other three. Well, now I actually have a cover for my other couch in the main living room.

This particular one fits one of my couches in the living room perfectly. It's simple to put it in place, which I love, since my other couch cover was such a struggle to get on. Like, a serious struggle. It was like putting a together a big fabric puzzle. I felt like pulling out my hair a bit. I'm not joking.

This cover has a microfiber material that is so warm, comfy and soft to sit on. It protects the most vulnerable parts of your sofa from... spills, pet hair, and dirt, etc. Once it gets dirty, guess what? You can wash and then use again.
This one is a nice neutral color and goes well with my other furniture and decor.

I've been asked a number of times if it slips when you sit on it?
What I've noticed happens is that the back part will stay perfectly in place, probably because I decided to attach the strap that came with it. It's optional, but it just made sense that it would be put on more securely with it on.
The arms occasionally slip, but can be easily fixed. I think an improvement would be to somehow strap down the sides. This is not a deal breaker though. The arms slipping from time to time bothers me a lot less than having to figure out how to get my couch into the other covers that I mentioned before.


You can purchase this product on Amazon.

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review.

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