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The Comfort Of The Living Room

One of the easiest rooms in the home to change is the living room. The shape of the room often makes it a blank slate when it comes to the furniture added, the paint, flooring and other notes that make the room unique. Before you begin your remodeling project, you need to look for a home renovation contractor who can go over the details with you about what needs to be done to ensure that the electrical issues are safe and any flooring or walls are safe if you don't know about construction projects. The contractor can also give you ideas about what to do in the room to transform it into a space that is comfortable for the family to enjoy.

An open floor plan is one that offers the most flexibility when decorating. However, it can seem a bit too open unless you use the right furniture. Couches that sit lower to the floor and rugs will make the room appear full while providing a cozy atmosphere. You can designate individual spaces in the room by blocking off an area for watching television or one for reading.

Take a break from the traditional beige and neutral colors that are seen on the walls. Darker colors, like navy blue or dark gray, allow you to use furniture that is lighter in color, bringing a brightness to the living room that is cheerful and welcoming. Hardwood floors are also an option that will expand the room. The hardwood floors are also easier to keep clean. Also, think about the type of furniture that you have in the room. If you plan on being in the living room for long periods of the day, then you might want to look at plush couches and chairs instead of those that have stiff cushions.

However, if you use the plush furnishings, you don't want to add pillows as they will tend to look washed out. Instead, consider a throw on the back of the furniture. A wooden coffee table often looks best with the plush furniture while one that is made of a softer material works well with cushions that are stiffer.

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