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Some More Baby Proofing In My House #childsafety

Layla, the wild one, aka, my toddler is such a curious little gal, like most kids her age. Of course, we have a billion drawers, doors, and cabinets in my house, so baby-proofing is a must. We started months ago, but as she gets older, I find myself baby proofing more and more areas of the house.
I have a number of different types of baby locks around the house. Unfortunately, not all of the doors and doors can use the same kind of locks, so these came in handy with my more awkward doors.
Here's what the ones I'm using in my bedroom look like:

I like several things about these.
-They are very flexible and can be adjusted to the type of drawer/door you are using them on.
-They are easy to assemble
-They come with 4 extra sticky pads in case you need to readjust or remove and stick elsewhere
-The sticky pads hold them in place, even with my heavier doors
-They are combination locks, with three tiny lines that you have to align in order to unlock the locks
-To lock them, simply twist until the little lines are out of order
-They are brown so they match a lot of furniture
-Comes with 6 in a box
-My toddler cannot open them

The only thing I see that could possibly be a problem, is if someone were to pull it too hard and the plastic strap would bust. I have not had this happen to me and hopefully it won't.

Overall, I like them better than some of my others and would consider buying more if needed.

You can find them on Amazon

Disclaimer: I received these locks in exchange for my unbiased review.

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