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#Mamaway Recovery Top and Nursing Shapewear

I'm slightly over 1 year postpartum and not 100% where I want to be tummy-wise. I don't have a long way to go, but I'll take any extra help I can get.
This recovery top from Mamaway is nice. They have one in nude and one in black, and in a few different sizes. I picked a small and this is how it fit.

This is what it looks like on. It's smooth and provides a nice little tummy tuck when worn. 

I pulled it up a bit so you could see the difference. 
I like it because it fits well, and also doubles as a nursing top. Each side pulls down so that you can easily nurse your baby. I need that sort of thing wig my baby. So, yes, I can have a flatter tummy and still nurse my baby in the same top 
I can wear under several of my outfits, except for tube tops and spaghetti straps. I love that it doesn't bulge up or feel uncomfortable under my clothes and no one can even tell I have it on when worn.

You can find this top right here.


Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review.

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