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#Mamaway Far Infrared Nursing Bra

When trying to find the perfect nursing bra, in my opinion, it has to be so comfortable that I can barely tell that I'm wearing it. I don't want something restricting my milk flow from being too right or have a hard underwire jabbing into my skin.
Once again Mamaway has created a product that I am happy with. I have been wearing one of their nursing bras that is unlike any other. One, it's soft and has a more cozy fit, almost like a sports bra. Unlike a sports bra though, it has clips in the back like a regular bra, to adjust to your size. What's good about that is you can adjust the size of your chest is full, grows, or decreases in size, all of which can happen if you're a nursing mom.

The front has a criss cross design that makes it convenient. You can pull down either side to grant your baby access to their food. Cool.
The bra is so soft, no wire or buckles. It can even be slept in. I tested that out actually and didn't wake up feeling as though I had been wearing something constricting overnight. It wasn't the least bit bothersome.

Lastly, it is something unique. It has infrared thermal fibers built in! Weird, but very  interesting. It is to stimulate the blood flow and milk production too. Neat, right? Very helpful if you are trying to frequently nurse your little one.
Happy with my bra. They come in pale yellow, which I picked, and they also have a lavender.

You can find this product here.


Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review.

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